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  Top 10 Tips for Passing your Driving Test at the first attempt.

1. HAVE REGULAR LESSONS….Weekly if you can. Try to increase the length of your lessons. Start with 1 hour then try 1.5 hours and maybe 2 hours. This will help to promote increased periods of concentration and will ultimately shorten the period of learning.

2. BE PREPARED FOR YOUR LESSON...Whatever you were doing immediately before your lesson forget. Switch into driving mode BEFORE you get in the car. Remember the car can be a lethal weapon in the wrong hands.

3.USE THE RECAP START OF THE LESSON...This is important as if it is conducted properly it should focus on events of the previous lesson. How did you feel about a particular action? What affected your feelings? Are there any further areas  you would like to develop?

4. SHARE THE LESSON OBJECTIVES...Remember lesson objectives are set to help your personal development so share in their setting. Agree the objectives with your Instructor and have responsibility for them.

5. ASK QUESTIONS...It is important that you fully understand tasks and objectives as well as actions affecting road procedure and safety. If you are unsure about anything then ASK.

6. SELF EVALUATE...Try to assess your own performance. How do you feel you did on a particular task? What could you do to improve it? This will help when considering the…

7. LESSON SUMMARY...Discuss strengths and areas for development. This will then form the basis of the next lessons recap and objective setting.

8. SET REALISTIC GOALS…Work with your Instructor to set your own timed goals. This could be “I want to master a Turn In The Road by the end of my next lesson” or “I want to pass my Driving test by September 1st”.

9. PRIVATE PRACTISE...If possible supplement your Driving lessons with private practise. This will help you gain experience and confidence. Remember though that Mum and Dad might not drive exactly the same as you as they may have been driving a while.remind them of this before you start and ask them to be patient with you. Moreover be prepared to be patient with THEM.

10. TAKE YOUR TEST WHEN YOUR DRIVING IS AT THE CORRECT STANDARD...Work with your Instructor to try to achieve a standard of driving that is above the Test standard. This way if the quality of your driving dips slightly (maybe due to Test nerves) then it will still be at a standard good enough to pass. Ask your Instructor to conduct a Mock Test so that you are aware of the standard you are at prior to taking the test.

Kevin Schofield.

                                                                                    Achieve School of Motoring.