Driving Lessons wakefield

The Driving Test will be changing on 4th December 2017. Watch this space for further information and videos in due course.

The Practical Driving Test will last for between 35 and 40 minutes during which time a pupil will be accompanied by a DSA Examiner. As your Instructor I am permitted to sit in the back if you want me to. I am merely there as an Observer though and can play no part in the Test. To begin you are tested on your general car based knowledge with a serious of ‘show me tell me’ questions. These are simple questions designed to show that you have knowledge of some of the cars basic operating functions and systems.

During the actual test you will be subjected to different road and traffic conditions and will undertake 1 manoeuvre from the following list…

a)    Turn In The Road

b)    Reverse around a corner

c)    Reverse Park

d)    Reverse Bay Park.

In addition you may be asked to perform an Emergency Stop. You will also be asked to drive independently for a period where you will be shown a diagram to follow a route or you might be asked to follow Road Signs for a location. This will normally last for a maximum of 10 minutes.

At the end of the test you will be told of the outcome and if you have driven safely and committed less than 16 driving faults and have no serious or dangerous faults then you will pass and can drive on your own.

For more information on your driving test, watch the following videos:

UK Driving Test 2017: official DVSA guide

Driving tests in bad weather: official DVSA guide

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